50 Top Sawit (Edisi Inggris)

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Performance of 50 Top Oil Palm Company Groups in Indonesia – Having succeeded in publishing Performance of 25 TOP OIL PALM COMPANY GROUPS in Indonesia 2012 which was positively responded by oil palm industries, fertilizer industries, chemical industries, heavy equipment, truck and transportation industries, banking industries, tire industries and other supporting industries, CDMI presently re-publishes Performance of 50 TOP OIL PALM COMPANY GROUPS in Indonesia in 2015. The situation is very different, in 2011 and 2012 oil palm industries experienced their golden period with CPO price of US$ 1,100 per ton but presently oil palm industries are strongly under pressure.

Year of Publication : 2015 -2016

  • Author : PT. CDMI
  • Publisher : PT. CDMI
  • Language : English
  • Price : IDR  10,125,000.-
  • Table Of Content : 50TopOilPalm2015.pdf