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The performance of 50 top property company group in indonesia – Fantastic…, it is the most proper word to illustrate the growth of Indonesian property industry in the last five years (2010 – 2014). The peak of the growth occurred in 2014 with estimated sales turnover of Rp. 55 trillion or rose by 71% if compared with that in 2013 of Rp. 32 trillion. The sales turnover is estimated to reach Rp. 65 trillion in 2015. Property company groups compete to perform various expansions in order to arrogate the sales turnover above. Hence, there are lots of prominent property masterpieces arising such as office towers, apartments, condominiums, condotels, residences, resorts and shopping centers.

Year of Publication : 2014-2015

  • Author : PT. CDMI
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  • Price : IDR 8,775,000.-
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