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Study on Business Potential and Major Players of Cement Industry in Indonesia – After adhering to the position of Vietnam as the largest cement producer in Asean, it is believed that in 2017 Indonesia will take the top position with cement production above 90 million tons. This condition is in line with the operation of eight new cement plants in upcoming two years and addition of production capacity until 24 million tons. In 2015, Indonesia succeeded in adding its cement production capacity of 11 million tons coming from five new cement plants including Semen Bosowa with capacity of 3 million tons, Semen Holcim of 1.7 million tons, Semen Merah Putih of 3 million tons, Semen Jawa of 1.7 million tons and Anhui Conch Sement of 1.7 million tons.

Year of Publication : 2016 – 2020

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