Power Plant of 35,000 MW (Edisi Inggris)

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Study on Power Plant of 35,000 MW in Indonesia – Indonesian under the leadership of President Joko Widodo realizes that electric power plant sector in Indonesia has been left behind. This condition shall get a special attention and extraordinary breakthrough. Therefore, the government has no other choice but increases the capacity of electricity of 35,000 MW. Although there was a dispute between two ministers of working cabinet, this program has already been decided in Medium Term National Development Plan 2015 – 2019. Program of 35,000 MW requires a very great investment fund of over Rp. 1,100 trillion. To keep its financial performance, State Owned Electric Company (PLN) will construct electric power plants of 10,000 MW while the rest of 25,000 MW will be offered to private parties or independent power producer /IPP.

Year of Publication : 2016-2019

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