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Study on Business Potential and Major Players of Fertilizer Industry in Indonesia – Fertilizer industry in the country has developed rapidly and it is supported by the rising demand for foods in the country. Large sized state-owned fertilizer companies (BUMN) have already performed consolidation by establishing a holding company namely PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero). Indonesian government under the leadership of Jokowi – JK has kept on developing fertilizer industry to actualize national food sustainability.

Fertilizer demand in the country consists of subsidized fertilizers and non-subsidized fertilizers. The greatest fertilizers are Urea, ZK, NPK and ZA. Based on the investigation of CDMI that in the last five years (2012 – 2016) the need of fertilizers had kept on increasing. In 2012, the need of urea fertilizer reached 5.9 million tons and in 2016 it had reached 6.3 million tons. Meanwhile, the need of NPK fertilizer in 2012 amounted to 3.47 million tons and in 2016 it had reached 3.51 million tons. The increase also occurred in the need of other fertilizers such as ZA, ZK, Organic and Phosphate.

Year of Publication : 2017-2021

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